Work With Chris

Have Chris Potter come to you! Chris has presented workshops and recitals all over the US, including Seattle, Boston, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta. She has also given workshops and performances at the British Flute Society at their biannual convention and in Paris.

Chris is frequently hired by state and local flute organizations and has a number of bookings already confirmed for 2013. In spring, 2013, Chris will be appearing in Orlando, Florida, and Washington, D.C. She’ll then launch summer of 2013  with her Alto and Bass Flute Retreat in June, followed by an appearance at the Galway Festival in Switzerland where she will conduct Low Flutes at High Tides on the closing Gala concert. Her multiple performances and presentations at the NFA Convention in New Orleans include the premier of a new solo bass flute piece by Matthias Ziegler, a workshop on alternate fingerings for c flute and alto flute, a Low Flutes Lollapalooza, the premier of two Dixieland tunes for low flutes ensemble, directing a sight reading session for low flutes and conducting an ensemble of low flutes on the Sunday closing concert.

Fall 2013 will bring a workshop in the Los Angeles area.

Spring 2014 will bring a masterclass, workshops and a performance in Anchorage, Alaska.

Sample workshop topics include:

  • Improving Air Efficiency
  • Using Alternate Fingerings to Improve Intonation and Response on Alto and Bass Flute
  • Solving Rhythm Problems
  • Taming the Third Octave
  • Becoming a Better Ensemble Player
  • Developing tone
  • Understanding and Improving Vibrato
  • Improving Your Stage Presence
  • Taking Seven Steps to Better Intonation
  • and Many More

Contact Chris for your performance or workshop needs. See where Chris is scheduled to appear in 2013!

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