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COLORADO RESIDENTS! Because I do not want to spend my time dealing with Colorado State sales tax, please order your music from  Carolyn Nussbaum’s, Flute Specialists, the Flute Pro Shop, Lafayette Music or Flute World

Flute Duet Books

Flute Duets Product Category

Perhaps most popular are Chris’s flute duet books, which skillfully weave the melody and main themes across both Flute 1 and Flute 2 parts. Ideal for engaging studio recitals: duets for two or larger groups.

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Flute Choir







Alto & Bass Flute Books

Alto and Bass Flute Books Product CategoryFrom the world-renowned expert on low flutes comes a growing collection of books specifically for alto and bass flutes. Look here to find alto and bass flute music, resources, recommendations, and more.

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Flute Technique Books

Technique Product CategoryChris Potter’s technique books provide creative and fun ways to practice (and teach) fundamental scales, arpeggios, and theory, which breathe new life into these core technique skills.

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Piano Accompaniment

Piano Accompaniment Product CategoryNew in 2012 from Falls House Press are piano accompaniment books for Chris Potter’s Alto and Bass Flute Solos book: One accompaniment book each for alto flute and bass flute.

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CDs: Music & More

CDs Product CategoryChris Potter’s CD, Flute Menagerie, highlights the beautiful voices and capabilities of alto and bass flutes. New in 2012 are CDs with piano accompaniments for Alto and Bass Flute Solos.

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All Books & CDs

Chris Potter Name ProductBrowse the full listing of Chris Potter’s books and CDs here! Duets, technique, alto and bass flute, piano accompaniment, and CDs…all of Chris Potter’s published works are here!

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