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Chris Potter Flute Elementary Student 2Chris Potter’s flute studio is conveniently located in Boulder, CO with easy access to Highway 36, Broadway, and Pearl Street Mall. You’ll know you’ve arrived at her home studio when you see the 10-foot bass flute sculpture in the front yard!

Inside Chris’s studio, you’ll find a bright room that’s ideal for one-on-one work. You’ll also find that the studio is lined with file cabinets that contain Chris’s music library of over 3,000 pieces: standard classical flute repertoire, Broadway musicals, George Gershwin, Irish music, 450 pieces of flute ensemble music, Leonard Bernstein, music from the Renaissance, music from Lord of the Rings, and much, much more.

Tailoring lessons with music of interest to the individual student is key to Chris’s teaching philosophy.

Chris teaches c flute, piccolo, alto flute, and bass flute lessons to students of all ages and abilities:

Elementary School Students

30-minute weekly lessons

Chris Potter Elementary School StudentFor elementary-age students, Chris teaches students how to play without getting dizzy, focuses on tone production, and teaches correct hand position and flute balance. What’s more, she uses fun and clever exercises that keep young students engaged. Chris works with a student’s school band music, but supplements with other fun pieces, including flute ensemble music.

“You are the best teacher EVER! —Eli, elementary age student

“Chris is fun and engaging and shares her love of music with her students. I really appreciate that she tailor’s the pieces to each kid’s interest.” —Linda, Eli’s mom

Middle School Students

30-45 minute weekly lessons

Chris Potter Middle School StudentFor middle school students, Chris’s lessons continue building fundamental skills and knowledge, but also work specifically on building the student’s problem-solving capabilities and improving their general level of playing.

Playing band music well is often a big concern for some middle school students, and Chris works with students to meet these goals and needs.

Chris also incorporates a number of tools to motivate kids to practice, which is often a challenge with this age group:

  • Provide ensemble music they can play for fun with their friends
  • Find and arrange music that the student has specified that they really like
  • Have a reward system for weekly practice that includes gift cards to area stores”
High School Students

45-60 minutes weekly lessons

Chris Potter High School Flute StudentChris has extensive experience preparing high school students to audition for All-State Band, Honor Band, Regional Band, and Solo and Ensemble Festivals, Colorado Flute Association (CFA) events, and National Flute Association (NFA) events. Chris tailors repertoire choices to the student’s interests.

Chris also has a vast collection of ensemble music for high school students to work on with their friends for fun or to prepare for Solo and Ensemble Festivals. Again here, this helps motivate students to practice and expand their learning opportunities, while also giving them social opportunities to play the flute.

Chris also works with students on playing the piccolo—an opportunity that most often presents itself in high school bands and marching bands.

Finally, Chris has years of experience preparing high school students for successful college music auditions. From choosing repertoire to understanding the music era and purpose to refining tone and technique, Chris can guide flute students through the often arduous-process of preparing for—and succeeding in—a successful college music program audition.

Adults Amateurs

45- 60 minute weekly lessons

Chris Potter Adult Amateur StudentAdult amateur flutists pose a number of unique challenges. While some adult amateurs come to Chris with a solid music and flute foundation ready to continue their studies, others have spotty music backgrounds, are returning to music after a long hiatus, are changing to the flute after experience with another instrument, or any number of other scenarios.

Whatever your particular background or situation, Chris offers excellent skills in quickly assessing your particular needs. And the plan is always collaborative, taking into account your interests and goals, as well as the skills needed to further develop:  “At the first lesson, we discuss your strengths and weaknesses, consider repertoire choices, technical needs, tonal development, and decide on a plan of action.”

What’s more adults have unique physical problems are common with older players, especially in the hands. “I have experience dealing with problems like arthritis, double-jointed fingers and arm, shoulder or back pain while playing.” Again here, Chris is a skilled troubleshooter, and works to help you achieve all you can.

Music theory questions crop up regularly in lessons with adult amateurs. With a DMA in Music Performance and experience teaching music theory at the college level, Chris answers questions knowledgeably, in a way that meets the student’s needs, and connects that knowledge to existing knowledge, lessons, or skills. In this way, Chris fills those holes and gaps, yet also provides the framework for students to make connections to broader music theory knowledge.

“Chris is a very creative problem solver and always has multiple ways to help me find a way through difficult spots. Remember, you are never too old to learn.” —Jan, adult amateur flutist

Chris Potter Adult Amateur Testimonial“Chris is the total package. She brings world-class experience, master-level instruction, and depth of knowledge to her students—yet, she’s personable, energetic, and just plain fun, too. She’s a quick and creative troubleshooter with an arsenal of solutions, and produces flutists that are well-rounded in their skills and knowledge. Highly recommended for c flute students…and a must if you’re a low flutist.” —Deborah Ray, Flute Salad

Adult Professionals

60-minute lessons

“At the first lesson, we identify what your goals are, evaluate your areas of strength and weakness on the flute and mutually develop a plan of action. Through appropriate repertoire choices, I will help you present engaging and compelling performances. You must have something important to say, and I will help you find your voice.”

With connections to the Colorado Flute Association and the National Flute Association, Chris can make a wide variety of performance opportunities available for hard-working students. Career advice along with help marketing and networking suggestions are part of the lesson as well.

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